Get started

Rive is both a design tool and a design community, all built into one.

Rive editor and runtimes

There are two core parts to Rive: the editor and the runtimes. The editor is where you create your designs and animate them. The runtimes are open source libraries that allow you to load and manipulate your Rive files on multiple platforms.

The Rive format and runtimes are all open-source and available through the MIT license.


When you first open up Rive, you'll land on the Home tab. On the left, you'll find all your primary navigation.

The Home tab with the Get Started section selected

The first time you run Rive, the Get Started section will be selected. This is where you can find tutorials and resources to help you learn how to use Rive. Once you've created your first file, Rive will open to the Recents section.

Your personal files

The section with your name is where your personal files live. These are files only you have access to.

Use the plus button to create a new file. This opens up the Rive editor in a new tab.

Rive editor

When you open a file, it launches the Rive editor in a tab. You can have multiple Rive editors open at the time. The first tab will always be the Home tab, which you can use to go back to your files.

Community (coming soon)

Browse the community to explore what other artists are creating with Rive. When an artist shares a public file with the Rive community, other designers can open the source and learn from one another's techniques, allowing the community as a whole to grow.


So you can create personal files and browse public files, but what if you need to collaborate in private with multiple users? Rive allows you to create teams, where you and other members can work on the same files asynchronously or in real-time.

Read more about pricing for teams.