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Welcome to the Rive Docs. We've split this documentation into the sub-sections below. If you can't find the information you're looking for or have questions for us, join us on Twitter, Discord, or contact us by filling out this form.

Getting Started

New to Rive? Here are some tips to get started:
  • Create an account today and try out the Rive Editor
  • Ready to design and animate? Peruse the Rive docs here, or watch our series of short tutorial videos in Rive 101
  • Want to jump straight into adding Rive in code? Check out the runtimes docs for quickstart guides, examples, and code snippets
  • Curious about what use cases to consider when building with Rive? We've got examples, blogs, tutorials, and more on our use cases page


Ready to start designing and animating in Rive? The editor is where you create and animate designs and utilize the powerful State Machine to build your logic of how different animations mix together. From there, you can export your work ready to drop into your app or game via one of our runtimes.


Runtimes are open-source libraries that allow you to playback and control your animations in real-time across a variety of platforms and frameworks, such as Web, iOS, Android, game engines (i.e., Unity and Unreal), Flutter, React Native, and more!
You can learn more about both our editor and runtimes via the respective chapters of this documentation.
The Rive format and runtimes are available through the MIT license.


Share and remix creations with the Rive community.


All the information you need to manage accounts, teams, and plans.
All our legal stuff, like our Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, and Privacy Policy.
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