Billing Changes

How do I change my card on file or change my billing plan?

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NOTE: If you have a Legacy pricing plan and wish to change your billing from monthly to annual or vice versa, please submit a ticket here under the Account and Billing option. We can help you process the change.

Clicking on Create a Team creates a new team. It does NOT update your current team's billing.

If you wish to update your card on file to pay your subscription, you must log in to your account. You can access your account information here:

This is the page you will see:

If you have an active plan, it will be below the "Your Plans" section of the page.

To update your team's billing and plan, click "Manage Team" to the right.

On the Manage Team page, the team name is at the top, and the links to make changes are on the right side.

To change your plan, click on "Change Plan." You can change from a Pro plan to a Team plan or switch from a Team plan to a Pro plan.

If you wish to change the card on file for your plan, select "Manage Billing." This takes you to a secure Stripe page where you can update your card on file or add a different card.

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