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Rive Renderer FAQ

Is the Rive Renderer available on all platforms?

See the top-level page for all supported platforms/runtimes. We will continue to update the docs and usage guidance frequently to reflect new support for the Rive Renderer in other runtimes as it becomes available.

Why should I enable the Rive Renderer?

For vector-heavy graphics, the Rive Renderer will offer the ability to draw onto surfaces/textures/canvases with incredible speed and quality while keeping runtime bundle sizes low. Future features developed in Rive, such as blurs and glows, will be possible with the Rive renderer. To learn more about the Rive Renderer, visit our product page.

Am I restricted in using the Rive Renderer with one of the open-source runtimes?

Nope! You can integrate the Rive Renderer into your custom platform/engine. For custom integrations, contact us.
Last modified 2mo ago