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Shape and Path Tips

Making good use of shapes and path helps you to create your designs in an easier way. In this example, you can find 3 different ways to use shapes and paths.

Re-use shape layers for a simpler Hierarchy

When creating multiple paths of the same color, when possible try to use a single shape layer. This will allow you to change properties such as fill across all of the paths at once. Having more paths on the same shape layer will also keep your Hierarchy simple, which helps with performance.
Add paths. Add the path of a different shape to create a more complex shape.
Add a detail to the ice cream cup.
Duplicate paths. Duplicate the path of the shape and edit the properties to create a more complex shape.
Use the option cmd/ctrl + C to copy and cmd/ctrl + V to paste.
edit the properties of new path.
Duplicate shapes. Duplicate a shape and edit the properties of the shapes and vertex to create a texture effect.
Enter in vertex mode to edit the path.
Last modified 5mo ago