Rive Help Center
The tool bar is located at the top of the editor no matter which mode you are in.

Editor menu

The editor menu is located to the left of the transform tools menu. This menu allows you to change the file name, select your revision history, as well as link you to the help center and feedback page.

Transform Tools menu

The Transform Tools menu houses tools that allow you to alter the transform properties of an object directly on the Stage.
The Select tool allows you to click and drag in an empty space to select multiple objects with a marquee. You can also click and drag directly on items to manipulate them. In most cases, you'll probably be using the Select tool.
When you have objects selected with the Select tool, you'll see the Gizmo which gives you the power to change the position, scale, and rotation of the object.

Create Tools menu

The Create Tools menu is located on the toolbar, just to the right of the Transform Tools menu. This menu houses all of the tools that you need to create and rig your graphics. This menu also includes the artboard tool.

Export menu

The Export menu allows you to download your file for use with the Rive runtimes. In the future, you'll be able to render your files from here too.

View Options menu

The View Options menu is located on the right side of the toolbar. This menu allows you to customize your window so that you can see exactly what you want when you want.

Mode toggle

Located above the inspector. The mode toggle allows you to switch between Design and Animate mode. Press Tab to quickly switch modes.
Last modified 7mo ago