Access design and animation tools from the Rive Editor toolbar.

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Editor menu

The Editor menu is located to the left of the Transform Tools menu. This menu allows you to change the file name and view your file's Revision History. Note that you can also change your file's name by double clicking on the tab at the top.

Transform Tools menu

The Transform Tools menu houses tools that allow you to alter the transform properties of an object on the Stage.

The Select tool allows you to select objects and manipulate all their transform properties with the gizmo that appears. You can also click and drag in an empty space to select multiple objects with a marquee.

In most cases, you'll probably be using the Select tool, though we also currently offer a dedicated Translate tool. The Translate tool allows you to click in an empty space to modify the position of your selected object without losing selection. We plan to add dedicated Scale and Rotation tools as well.

Artboard and Groups menu

Learn about Artboards, Nested Artboards, and Groups.

Export menu

Use the Export menu to export interactive content or traditional formats.

The Download option lets you download a runtime version of your file (.riv) to use with our runtimes. This is an optimized version of your file that strips out any data that is not necessary for runtime (such as unused assets or the position of states in state machine graphs). You can also download a backup of your file (.rev).

Use the Share Link option to share the current version of your file or easily embed it into another product without needing to use our runtimes.

Use the Cloud Renderer options to export a traditional non-interactive format like GIF, MP4, PNG, or WebM.

Vector Tools menu

Design in Rive using the Pen Tool and procedural shapes. The Vector Tools menu houses all of the tools you'll need to create vector artwork.

Bones menu

Access the Bone tool and Weight tool (when binding).

View Options menu

Customize the zoom level, enable snapping, and toggle the visibility of bones.

Share Button

The Share button allows you to quickly create Share Links, publish a file to the Community, and download a .riv file.

Mode toggle

The mode toggle allows you to switch between Design and Animate mode. Press Tab to quickly switch modes.

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