Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rive free?

Everybody who signs up for Rive gets access to the free Individual plan. You can create unlimited private files and share public files with the community. If you want to create a team to share files in private with other team members, then you need to pick from one of our paid plans.

What happens if my internet connection goes down?

Your files are always saved in the local storage of your browser. Even if your connection goes down, you can continue working on your file. As soon as your connection is back, Rive syncs with our online revision manager. Just make sure you find a connection before opening the file on another computer, otherwise you will not see the latest revision of that file.

What happens to my files if I cancel my team plan?

If you cancel, your team plan will not renew at the next billing cycle. At that moment, team members will lose the ability to edit files in the team. They will still be able to view the files, but they won't be able to make changes to them without re-activating the account.

Can I import Rive 1 files into Rive 2?

Yes, but not everything is supported yet. Rive 2 is a totally new format with different features. Some things will need to be tweaked. For specifics, view our page on Importing Rive 1 files.