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Design vs Animate Mode
The Rive Editor has two distinct modes, Design and Animate. As you switch between modes, the interface changes to show the appropriate tools and options.

Use Design Mode to prepare your graphics for animation. This is where you can design your own graphics with Rive's tools, import graphics from other software, or rig your graphics with bones, transform spaces, and constraints.
Design Mode
Design Mode is the default mode for any file that doesn't have any animations created. The mode exists because Rive allows you to attach multiple animations to a single artboard, so you need a place to set up and create those graphics.

Use Animate Mode to create all of the animations and state machines for your artboard.
Animate Mode
When you switch to Animate Mode, the UI updates to display a timeline with a list of animations for the currently active artboard. The Inspector also updates to show key buttons next to any property that can be animated.
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