Rive Guide
Editor and runtimes

The editor is where you create and animate designs. From there, you can export your work ready to drop into your app or game via one of our runtimes.
If you're familiar with other design and animation tools, you'll feel right at home in the Rive editor.
You can learn more about our editor here.

Runtimes are open-source libraries that allow you to play and manipulate your animations in realtime across a variety of platforms. Currently, we have runtimes for the web and Flutter with iOS and Android versions arriving in the coming month.
You can learn more about our runtimes here.

The fundamentals section of this manual is the perfect place to get started with the core concepts of Rive. You can also check out the 'Welcome to Rive!' and 'Distinctly Rive' video series on our Resources page for more tips on getting started. We'll be adding series on more advanced topics over time.

With the upcoming addition of our in-app community destination, users will be able to share their designs and animations publically. Remixing enables the community to create and share their own versions of a user's original creation.

Your work is automatically saved in real-time and safely stored remotely. If you lose your connection, your work will continue to be stored locally until it can be synchronized. You can access the revision history of a file via the toolbar menu within the editor.

Use the export menu within the toolbar to export and download your Rive file. Alternatively, you can export directly from the file browser by right-clicking on a file or folder.
Use one of our runtimes to import your file into your chosen platform and begin playing and manipulating your animation in real-time! You can learn more about our runtimes here.
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