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Migrating from v1 to v2

Migration notes going from v1 to v2 of the JS runtime
Starting in v2 of our Web (JS) runtimes, Rive will support Rive Text at runtime, which includes the following packages:
  • Web (JS) / WASM
    • @rive-app/canvas
    • @rive-app/canvas-advanced
    • @rive-app/webgl
    • @rive-app/webgl-advanced
    • ...and other @rive-app/*-single variants

Major Changes

No breaking API changes!
While a new major version has been released for the runtimes without breaking API changes, v2 was released due to a bundle size increase in the package. The reason for this is new internal dependencies added to the Web Assembly (WASM) build that powers Rive, specifically for supporting the powerful Rive Text feature. You may find that the request for the WASM file when loading Rive is ~261kb brotli-compressed as of v2.0.0.
In the future, we may introduce a "lite" package without these larger dependencies if you don't need the text feature, but for now, it will remain the default on the main web runtime packages.
Last modified 4mo ago