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Read and update Rive Text
For more information on Rive Text see the respective runtime and editor documentation.

Read/Update Text Runs at Runtime

A unique run name must be set in the editor for it to be easily discoverable at runtime. See the runtime docs for more information.
Imports needed:
use rive_bevy::{
events::{self, InputValue},
RivePlugin, RiveStateMachine, SceneTarget, SpriteEntity, StateMachine,
use rive_rs::components::TextValueRun;
The following code retrieves the active Artboard from a state machine and finds the TextValueRun component by name.
fn update_rive_text_system(kbd: Res<Input<KeyCode>>, query: Query<&mut RiveStateMachine>) {
if kbd.just_pressed(KeyCode::Return) {
match query.get_single() {
Ok(state_machine) => {
// Access the Rive artboard from the State Machine
let mut artboard = state_machine.artboard();
// Find the text run component by name by iterating over all artboard `Components`
let mut text: TextValueRun = artboard
.find(|comp| comp.name() == "Sector") // name of the text run
info!("current text value: {:?}", text.get_text());
text.set_text("Hello World");
info!("updated text value: {:?}", text.get_text());
Err(_) => {}
Note that finding the component by name can be an expensive operation if the artboard has many components.
If the text run needs to be accessed frequently you can store the index value and access it directly.
For example:
let text_run_index: usize = artboard
.position(|comp| comp.name() == "Sector")
Then store text_run_index and later access the component by index directly:
let mut text: TextValueRun = artboard

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