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Unity runtime for Rive
The Rive Unity runtime is currently in Technical Review for Mac and Windows installs of Unity. We're hoping to gather feedback about the API and feature-set as we expand platform support. Please reach out to us on Discord or through our Support Channel.
Not all Rive features are yet supported in the rive-unity runtime, see Feature Support

Rendering Support

The rive-unity runtime uses the Rive Renderer and is up to date with the latest C++ runtime version of Rive.
  • Metal on Mac and iOS
  • D3D11 on Windows
  • OpenGL on Windows
Planned support for:
  • D3D12
  • WebGL
  • Vulkan

Bug Reports

If you encounter any errors or unexpected crashes while integrating the Rive Unity runtime, we recommend logging a detailed issue directly to the rive-unity repo with an Editor.log attached to the issue to help provide more details and context about what might have occurred.
You can find more details on where to find your Editor.log file in the Unity docs.
Note that it is best to grab the Editor.log file immediately after a crash has occurred

Feature Support

The rive-unity runtime uses the latest Rive C++ runtime. For more details on runtime support, see the Runtime Feature Support page. Refer to the following table for what is currently supported in the Unity runtime.
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