Rive Events

Listen to Rive Events in Bevy

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For more information on Rive Events see the respective runtime and editor documentation.

Subscribing to Events

Imports needed:

use rive_bevy::{GenericEvent, RivePlugin, SceneTarget, SpriteEntity, StateMachine};
use rive_rs::state_machine::Property;

The following code demonstrates a system listening to all Rive events reported from active state machines.

For example, let's take a look at a code snippet for a star-rating Rive file. If a reported event's name is star, the Number property is retrieved from the event data.

fn receive_rive_events_system(mut rive_event: EventReader<GenericEvent>) {
    for event in rive_event.read() {
        info!("Rive event: {:?}", event);
        // We can match on the event name and extract the properties.
        if event.name == "Star" {
            // Find the "rating" property which is a Property::Number.
            if let Some(Property::Number(rating)) = event.properties.get("rating") {
                info!("Rating: {:?}", rating);

Other properties that can be read are Bool and String, with Property::Bool and Property::String.

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