Rive Guide

Improvements in the new Rive

Looking at upgrading from the old Rive (formerly Flare) to the new Rive? Here's a list of some of the new features!
  • The new editor is collaborative. You can work with your team on the same files, in real time, from any location.
  • The new editor has a ton of new features (like snapping, better selection tools, improved grouping, improved draw order) and behaves more like common screen design tools, so most designers will feel at home.
  • There are new runtimes that are lighter weight and more efficient, particularly the native iOS and Android ones.
  • The web runtime is a massive improvement with a much smaller file size and two options: a powerful low-level wasm runtime and a simpler version that is easy for anyone to use.
  • The new Rive will continue to receive new features, like our upcoming cloud renderer and visual state machine, as well as new game engine runtimes.