Bevy runtime for Rive

This article is out of date! Find the new version here.

The Bevy runtime is available here:

This runtime uses Vello as a render back-end, which has certain limitations. Refer to Known Issues for details. Efforts are underway to incorporate the Rive Renderer as another back-end.

Known Issues

The existing Vello render back-end may lead to some inconsistencies in comparison to the original design:

  • Image meshes: They can exhibit small inconsistencies at triangle borders, there can be gaps between triangles, transparent meshes will overdraw at triangle borders.

  • Very high number of clips: Vello is currently rendering very high numbers of clips incorrectly.

  • All strokes will have round joins and caps.

Efforts are being made to make the Rive Renderer available. You'll then have the choice to select your preferred renderer.

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