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Bevy runtime for Rive
The Bevy runtime is available here: https://github.com/rive-app/rive-bevy/
This runtime uses Vello as a render back-end, which has certain limitations. Refer to Known Issues for details. Efforts are underway to incorporate the Rive Renderer as another back-end.

Known Issues

The existing Vello render back-end may lead to some inconsistencies in comparison to the original design:
  • Image meshes: They can exhibit small inconsistencies at triangle borders, there can be gaps between triangles, transparent meshes will overdraw at triangle borders.
  • Very high number of clips: Vello is currently rendering very high numbers of clips incorrectly.
  • All strokes will have round joins and caps.
Efforts are being made to make the Rive Renderer available. You'll then have the choice to select your preferred renderer.
Last modified 3mo ago