Importing old Rive (Flare) files

You can import files from the old Rive to the new version, but not everything is supported yet. We chose to prioritize a different set of features, which makes the new Rive a better product. We'll enable a way to transfer all files once we hit feature parity (which we are working towards).

How to import

Start by downloading your Flare file from the old editor at (this should be a .flr2d file).

Then drag and drop the file into the new Rive editor or into the new Rive file browser at

What's supported

The new Rive uses a new format with different features. Some functionality has changed while some other features haven't been built yet. For a full list of potential compatibility issues, see the table below.



Draw order

Some things may appear out of order as functionality for working and animating draw order has been completely rethought. Learn how to animate draw order.

Raster images

Importing raster images is not yet supported in the new Rive, as we're focusing on nailing the vector experience first. We will be adding support in the future. In the meantime, raster assets will not import.


Filters like shadows and glows are not yet supported in the new Rive.


IK, Distance, Transform, and Translate constraints are not yet supported but will be coming soon.

Star and polygon shapes

Star and polygon shapes aren't supported yet but are coming soon.


Solos are not supported but coming soon.


Masking will be supported once raster image support has been added.


The new Rive doesn't have an Assets panel, so any graphics that were attached to your file (like SVGs or PSDs) will not carry over. We suggest you keep a backup of your file so that you can re-import it once the Assets panel has been added. Track this feature here.

Jelly Bones

Jelly bones are not yet supported but are planned.


Events are not yet supported but are planned.


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