The Rive interface displays a Timeline with playback controls and options for the current animation in Animate mode. A list of all animations are displayed to the left of the Timeline, in the Animations pane. Keep in mind that the Animations pane only shows animations for the currently active artboard.

Animation type

One-Shot Playhead stops at the end of the animation.

Ping-Pong The playhead continuously plays from the start-point to the end-point, and back from the endpoint to the start point.

Loop The playhead continuously loops the animation from the start point to the endpoint.

Work Area The work area is used to define the playback area of an animation. Work areas are an easy way to focus on a small portion of a larger animation.

Timeline Options

Located to the right of the playback select. The Timeline Options show you the current time, duration, playback speed, and snap keys. Current Current shows you the current position of the playhead.

Duration Duration allows you to change the total length of the timeline.

Playback Speed Playback speed allows you to change the speed of the animation.

Snap Keys Snap keys control the number of keys shown per second on the Timeline. This option does not control how many frames are in a second, only how many frames are shown.

Navigating the Timeline

Scroll and Zoom Use the horizontal scrollbar at the top of the Timeline (with two grabbers on each side) to scroll and resize the zoom level of the Timeline.

Pan You can also use the same pan shortcuts as the stage to pan the Timeline (right-click and drag, or hold spacebar and drag).