Rive Guide

Welcome to Rive!

Welcome to the Rive help center. Here you can find documentation on all aspects of our editor and runtimes. Look out for the 'Welcome to Rive!' and 'Distinctly Rive' video series in our Resources section for more tips on getting started.
Have questions? Join us on Discord for more help from the team and community.

Create an account

Create an account to get started with Rive. Once set up, you'll be able to create a maximum of 3 files with the Free plan and as many files as you like with a paid Studio plan. All your files are privately stored within your personal directory. Your account also enables you to join teams to collaborate with your peers, remix and share files with the wider community, and access our in-app tuition material.
You can sign up via Google, Facebook, or email.

Editor and runtimes

At its core, Rive is formed of two parts — the editor, and the runtimes. The editor is where you create and animate designs. From there, you can export your work ready to drop into your app or game via one of our runtimes. Runtimes are open-source libraries that allow you to play and manipulate your animations in realtime across a variety of platforms.
You can learn more about both our editor and runtimes via the respective chapters of this documentation.
The Rive format and runtimes are all open-source and available through the MIT license.

File browser

Upon signing up and logging in you'll arrive at the home tab. This is where you can access and organize both your and your team's Rive files. You'll find the primary navigation points on the left-hand side:
Search A global search across personal and team files.
Learn Educational materials like video collections, links, surveys, and tutorials on a variety of topics and features.
Notifications Team invites and Rive announcements.
Recent Quick access to the files you were working on last.
Community Share your creations with others, and remix theirs.
Your files All your personal Rive files.
Your teams All the teams you're a member of, and the files associated with them.

Create a new file

To create a new file, select your files from the navigation column, and select the add action in the top-right-hand corner. Selecting New file from the dropdown will create a file and open it in a new tab.
Alternatively, you can select the quick-start action directly from the navigation pane itself.